Colt controller bundle

  • 4 expandable enhancement-rings with varying incremental sizes for varying girth.
    • Cleanup is a snap because the rings don't cover your head.
  • A hand held 7 function (Colt) dual-controller powering 2 independently controlled eggs.
  • Black leatherette storage box for discreet yet compact storage.
  • For immediate use, 4 AA industrial batteries are included (controller runs on 4)!!
  • Lifetime free replacement on the enhancement ring's, no matter how it was destroyed.  Egg replacement is $15.50 for a dual-egg replacement.
  • FREE shipping in USA, International will be $18- $20.50 (overages will be refunded).
  • Discreet, plain package USPS shipping.
  • Tax free 49 states in USA, Florida is 7%
  • 100% money back if not satisfied after a month.
  • On request, I will provide (FREE of charge) a 1 size smaller or larger custom ring to satisfy girth. So try out the 4 ring bundle and if a alternate size is needed, you will be provided with one.
  • On all International order's- shipping overage will be refunded; Customs-form will be labeled as Gift and a $8 USA dollar value.
Colt bundle package
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