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Colt and USB bundle package
1 USB powered dual-egg controller USB powered dual-egg controller means never needing batteries or charging. A single button powers the eggs 14 vibration functions. USB powered controller has a 32 inch cord length and ... (Read More)
$72.78 2 $69.78 3
Colt controller bundle package
A Colt controller that powers 2 independently controlled eggs. Each egg has 7 separate functions (lo, med, hi & 4 pulsation patterns) Jack-style (Male/Female connector) eggs are replaceable For immediate use, 4 AA ... (Read More)
$58.95 2 $54.95 3
Rechargeable slim-bullet bundle package
Each bullet has a powerful lithium-ion battery that is easily rechargeable through any USB outlet.  2 USB charging cables are included Bullets have 10 vibration settings (hi, med, low and 7 various pulsing patterns) ... (Read More)
$53.73 2 $46.53 3
USB powered controller bundle
A USB powered controller is a great option for those that like to enjoy themselves at their PC. The USB controller does not hold a charge and must be plugged into a USB port to work. USB powered dual-egg controller means neve ... (Read More)
$47.87 2 $43.87 3
Replacement Colt controller
S.O.T. enhancement rings compatible 7 separate functions for each bullet Jack-style (Male/Female connector) and replaceable bullets No shipping cost in USA, International add $12 (unless larger order). ... (Read More)
$33.25 2 $28.35 3
Individual enhancement rings (4) with no controlle
4 expandable enhancement rings of varying incremental sizes for different girth. Cleanup is a snap because the rings don't cover your head. Lifetime free replacement on the enhancement ring's, no matter how it was de ... (Read More)
$31.60 2 $27.60 3
Two (jack-style) replacement eggs
S.O.T. enhancement-ring replacement compatible Two silver bullets/eggs with a plug-in jack Easily removable from controller for cleaning or storage Replaceable with Colt controller if damaged No s ... (Read More)
$22.85 2 $19.45 3