Here is a (NSFW) blog link and some of what "All Male Sex Toys" had to say:   

  • With one of these rings in place, a guy can easily position the eggs in just the right spot and buzz his way to one hell of a satisfying orgasm.
  • Steve obviously realized that while one vibrating egg feels good, a set of them whirring away together would just drive guys wild. And they do!
  • The rubbery material feels soft on your cock, but grips both your dick and the smooth eggs so everything stays right where you want it.
  • Even with minor adjustments, nothing came popping out or slipping down, even when both eggs were jangling away on high speed.
  • After using it this week, I've already added it to my list of Favorite Toys!

Here is some of what veteran adult toy reviewer "XXX Branded Reviews" had to say in a 2014 review about my enhancement ring lineup combined with vibration stimulation of the frenulum.

  • Going in completely skeptical, I did not believe that this could actually work, that I could achieve orgasm without the sensation of thrusting.
  • I am at a utter loss of words to explain the sensations you feel; it is fkn nuts!
  • This toy is going to be at the top of my pyramid that all my future toys will be judged by!

  So as you can see from skeptical to a loss of words, to top of toys list. I would say my enhancement rings proved itself quite well.

  Below is the actual "XXX Branded Reviews" 2014 review, along with the 2'nd place in 2014 review

Sexually Secure was kind enough to do a review of my Colt USB bundle package, and below is some of what he had to say!  Sexually Secure has a nice review site to check out with a variety of reviews such as hand crafted toys, tutorials, handcrafted bondage, electro-stimulation, prostate massage, and a neat one about an alternate to a Symbian.

  • This is so innovative, and so new that it doesn't even really have a name yet.
  • The S.O.T. dual egg c-ring is specifically designed for you to apply direct and constant vibration on your frenulum completely hands free.
  • As for couples play, if you use one ring on the lower part of your shaft, your partner can ride you and feel the vibrations as well. It's not designed like a traditional vibrating c-ring, but it is an experience worth exploring
  • There are four silicone rings that come with this kit, and they are designed to stretch from a 1 to 4 ratio. That means, you'll be able to fit in even the smallest one if you really want to try it out. Keep in mind that these rings are patent pending, and they are, to date, still made by hand. You're supporting one guy, Steve, when you buy these -- not some huge adult toy conglomerate.
  • The Colt dual egg controller allows for two individual vibration patterns and intensities, when using the dual eggs you can turn one up really high and the other down low. Just play around with it. There are endless possibilities. Eventually, you'll find the one that you like the best, so take note of it, and you can get there in no time when you use it again.



Here is a short review from Handsfreecum Blog

  • I rate this S.O.T product a 5/5 as It works as described and is very easy to use.
  •    I found out this comes with 4 different size rings, to place on any cock size with special orders on request, it also had a DUAL controller so you can control each egg separately, as well as having 2 eggs with 7 functions each.
  •  The 7 functions each is great because using a generic egg or a dildo you may only get 1 or 2 speeds or types  of vibrations and this will result in your cock going numb, which is not what you want.
  • After my order arrived I had to give it a try, I inserted the batteries got myself hard  and slipped on the proper fitting  enhancement ring for my cock size and, started  adjusting the speeds ( from a choice of 7 on each egg) on the eggs until i was  happy.
    I came in under 5 minutes my first time.
  • You can also use the S.O.T with a partner by simply sliding the eggs and rings down on your shaft to the base and then insert your cock into your partner.