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frenulum stimulating male enhancement ring
Simple, stretchy, durable, clean and effective

 They say that the simple ideas are the best ideas and that is what I am going to share with you. Once I discovered the powerful and unique world of penis stimulation through vibrations, I invented (and patented) my unique lineup of enhancement rings to fill the void for this new and enticing niche.
  All of your stimulation is a simple, custom form-fitting penis ring (4 girth-sizes to choose from) that stretch to hold 2 vibrating eggs, snug and directly on your frenulum. The vibrating eggs provide all the stimulation you need on your sensitive frenulum. You use no lube and no up and down stroking, just let the direct and controllable vibrations on your frenulum do the stimulating.

What you get in a nutshell

frenulum stimulating male-enhancement cockring
Simplicity at it's best!
  • What I have here is a male enhancement ring made of a durable yet forgiving and stretchable Polyvinyl. This ring is made specifically to hold 2 vibrating eggs on your frenulum, just below your penis head.
  • All orders receive 4 incremental sized rings for a snug, custom fit.
  • Penis vibration/stimulation is provided by either a Colt dual-egg controller; or a USB powered 14 mode dual-egg controller.
  • For immediate use, all Colt controller orders include 4 AA industrial batteries (controller runs on 4).
  • Colt and USB powered bundle packages include a black leatherette storage box.
  • FREE lifetime replacement on the enhancement ring's, no matter how it was destroyed.


Colt and USB bundle packages get a Black Leatherette box.

custom sizing male enhancement rings
All orders receive 4 incremental sized rings for a snug, custom fit
frenulum stimulation rings placement
Snug fitting for maximum frenulum stimulation



 Sizing range

Here is a quick overview of your controller options

The Colt controller is a battery operated (4AA) controller. It has 2 independently controlled egg's with plug-in jacks that  powers 2 ABS silver plated eggs. The larger size 1" diameter of the eggs allow for a snug fitting and a deep transference of vibration stimulation.

 The USB powered controller works on all popular 1A, 2.1A and PC USB ports meaning you will never need batteries or charging.  It has a 32 inch cord length and a single button powers the eggs 14 vibration, and pulsation functions. The eggs are also a larger powerful 1" diameter made of a soft and flexible silicone that offer a soft and comfortable touch.

The rechargeable slim bullet is sold as a pair and is a USB rechargeable bullet.

It has a powerful lithium-ion battery that is easily rechargeable through any USB outlet This bullet has 10 vibration and pulsation functions. Since each bullet has their own controlling button they can be ran at independent settings

Informative Videos

  In knowing the biggest challenge would be to show you exactly how the power of vibrations work with one of my enhancement rings, I provide 2 short (NSFW) video links that show the placement and proof of the effects of frenulum stimulation.

  • Short clip showing ring placement
  • Longer clip showing putting on a ring and eggs as well as controller operation.

Here is a G-rated descriptive video I have answering questions and more product information.

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