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frenulum stimulating male enhancement ring
Simple, stretchy, durable, clean and effective

They say that the simple ideas are the best ideas and that is what I am going to share with you. Once I discovered the powerful and unique world of penis stimulation through vibrations, I invented (and patented) my unique lineup of enhancement rings to fill the void for this new and enticing niche.
  All of your stimulation is a simple custom form-fitting penis ring (4 girth-sizes to choose from) that stretches to hold 2 vibrating eggs, snug and directly on your frenulum. The vibrating eggs provide all the stimulation you need on your sensitive frenulum. You use no lube and no up and down stroking, just let the direct and controllable vibrations on your frenulum do the stimulating.

Informative Videos

  In knowing the biggest challenge would be to show you exactly how the power of vibrations work with one of my enhancement rings, I provide 2 short (NSFW) video links that show the placement and proof of the effects of frenulum stimulation.

  • Short clip showing ring placement
  • Longer clip showing putting on a ring and eggs as well as controller operation.

  Here is a G-rated descriptive video I have answering questions and more product information.

What you get in a nutshell

frenulum stimulating male-enhancement cockring
Simplicity at it's best!
  • What I have here is a male enhancement ring made of a durable yet forgiving and stretchable Polyvinyl. This ring is made specifically to hold 2 vibrating eggs on your frenulum, just below your penis head.
  • All orders receive 4 incremental sized rings for a snug, custom fit.
  • Penis vibration-stimulation is provided by either a (Colt) 7-Function hand held dual-egg controller; or a USB powered 14 mode dual-egg controller.
  • Colt orders include 4 AA industrial batteries (controller runs on 4) for immediate use.
  • Colt and USB bundle packages  include a black leatherette storage box
  • FREE lifetime replacement on the enhancement ring's, no matter how it was destroyed.
Black leatherette storage box
Black leatherette storage box for Colt and USB bundle packages
custom sizing male enhancement rings
All orders receive 4 incremental sized rings for a snug, custom fit
frenulum stimulation rings placement
Snug fitting for maximum frenulum stimulation
frenulum cockring sizing range
Sizing range

What it does and how it works

  Men, welcome to a whole new experience in satisfaction:

A seemingly unknown fact is that stimulating the frenulum with strong vibrations is capable to make you have an orgasm beyond belief and in a way you never thought possible. To put it in prospective, think of how teasing, erotic, and stimulating it is when we men have the area just below our penis head (the frenulum) licked, massaged, and teased with. For men, we now have a new way to climax, using properly placed, intense vibrations on your sensitive, yet erotic frenulum.  Even better, is now you have the ability to control the 2 eggs vibrations, for control over how hard and fast you wish to climax. This type of intense satisfaction is (in comparison) close to what women have with a clitoral orgasm.


I ask you to think about this? 

  There was a time when females did not know about the pleasing effects of vibration in various toys, now it is accepted.  For more insight and personal knowledge on the pleasing power of vibrations on your frenulum, try the following?  During foreplay with your lover, take one of their vibrating toys and hold it firmly on your frenulum for a period of time and see how good it feels? Now imagine how a enhancement ring, specifically designed to hold 2 strong pulsating eggs on that same spot would feel?

Therefore I submit to you that now is the time for men to experience the unknown world of pulsating, escalating, vibrations.

General comparison of other rings in the market

The picture's I am showing just below represent just some of what is available for vibrating male enhancement rings at a local drug store here in the Florida market.  Read closely and you will notice statements such as:

  • lasts up to 20 minutes
  • do not attempt to replace the battery
  • designed to be disposable after use
  • designed to vibrate and be used once

Also notice the pricing of roughly $13-$17 for these popular, widely used items. With my enhancement ring you will initially pay more. Therefore you get a more stimulating product that is made to last years and not be disposed of after 1 use for $13-$17. 

The picture to the far right is a general comparison of other enhancement rings in the market to just one of the eggs I use.  It is easy to see that the other enhancement rings can not compare.

Informative Video

Here is a G-rated descriptive video I have answering questions and more product information.

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