Enhancement Rings Only

The larger egg on right is best fit
The larger egg on right is best fit

  As an added option, if you happen to have your own dual egg controller, you can purchase my enhancement rings by themselves. You must take into account that the fit and optimized function the rings were designed for is the larger size eggs with considerably more depth of power than the slimmer style eggs.

  If you choose to use your own egg and controller, the picture to the right shows the 3 main egg sizes you will find. The optimal egg size that my enhancement ring was designed for is the large egg on the right.

Individual enhancement rings (4) with no controller

  • 4 expandable enhancement rings of varying incremental sizes for different girth.
    • Cleanup is a snap because the rings don't cover your head.
  • Lifetime free replacement on the enhancement ring's, no matter how it was destroyed.
  • Tax free 49 states in USA, Florida is 7%
  • FREE shipping in USA, International will be $18- $20.50 (overages will be refunded).
  • Discreet, plain packaging USPS shipping.
  • Tax free 49 states in USA, Florida is 7%
  • 100% money back if not satisfied after a month.
  • On request, I will provide (FREE of charge) a 1 size smaller or larger custom ring to satisfy girth. So try out the 4 ring bundle and if a alternate size is needed, you will be provided with one.
  • On all International order's- shipping overage will be refunded; Customs-form will be labeled as Gift and a $8 USA dollar value
Enhancement rings only (4) package
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